September, 2012

Yellow Bird (revisited, study), 2012, mixed media on paper, 24 x 18 in., 61 x 46 cm.

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  1. James Douglas Says:


    I have returned to this site every 2 or 3 days for the past few months just to catch a glimpse of a new post. It was a longer wait than expected but absolutely worth it. Thank you.

    I’m dying to know how you create the edgework around your graphite tones. The edges range from hard to soft and everything in between. Do you use a blending stump? Your finger? A pencil sanded to have a broad side?

    I’m also interested to know how you feel while producing your work. Do you find it soothing, almost like meditation, where you lose yourself in it? Or do you find it like solving a puzzle, exhausting but worth the effort when all is said and done? Perhaps you even feel anxiety as you struggle to see if you can achieve something magical once again? Your use of mixed media makes me think you feel some anxiety, like you’re trying to find a truth that no single media can attain. Fight on.

    I’m an architect, producing designs & pencil renderings for my firm, and oil paintings in my evenings for myself. Lately, I’ve been making pencil drawings on illustration board, sealing it with acrylic matte medium, and applying transparent oil washes on top to establish broad values and colors while letting the crisper linework show through. I’m slowly getting somewhere. Your work has inspiring depth & has helped me push through obstacles. Once again, thank you.

    But enough narrow comments about practical technique. You have composed another beautiful drawing, so far beyond what photography can capture. Your efforts create their own new world. I hope you continue to take us all there with you for years to come.


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