March, 2012

Progression shots of Convergence: Ayako, starting with the original drawing:

Convergence: Ayako, 2012, oil on linen, 60 x 70 in., 152 x 178 cm.

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  1. Wow Kent!?! What can I say? It is always a pleasure to look at your paintings – to slowly drink them in visually. I don’t want to sound sappy, but You inspire me dude, because your work is engaging not only conceptually, but formally as well. I love what you do with paint. If I can ever learn to be half as masterful a painter as you, with the subject matter that is in my heart, man ohhh man.

    Also this scale is perfect! Just large enough to make a physical statement while intimate enough to draw viewers closer. Bravo, and thanks for sharing.

    Christopher Marion Thomas

  2. Lance Hayes Says:

    I love to see the progression, and the underlying structure of paintings… to understand how they come together. You really love those paint cans and electrical cords, eh? Ha! Hey, thanks for sharing this.

  3. Looking at your wonderful works in the books I always wanted to see the birth and growth of a job, luckily there’s this blog, inexhaustible source of new ideas for those just for those approaching the art. Thank you for sharing your work

  4. mary cairns Says:

    Thank you for doing these progressions. I obviously love and strongly connect to your work ( am VERY cheered to find that the way I underpaint is similar to you! ) Your wonderful compassionate paintings have really inspired me and i always show your work to the students I come into contact with.

  5. dougcondon Says:

    Your work has been inspirational to me for years.

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