January, 2011

Okay, I apologize for my tardiness of late. With the holidays and travel, I’ve just not been that attentive to my online presence and keeping all up to date. With the start of the new year now, I’ll do my best to stay on top of things. Here is a new figure study for my next painting. I’m still working out the composition and size of the canvas, but I hope to be up and running with it by mid-week. Along with this drawing, I’ve done a few more than I’m pleased with, and will post a bit later this month.

8 Responses to “”

  1. Deocliciano Says:

    That is great.
    Lovely colors.

  2. Jose Says:

    It’s always great seeing what you’re working on next, I especially enjoy seeing the process of preliminary work to finished painting. Also what animal is the mandible from?

  3. Roger Says:

    It’s a pleasure “talking” to you. I just bought The Fountain in the bookstore here in Brazil. What a amazing work! I was enjoying the arts and I was thinking if there is any rough sketch under painting of the figures. The impression is that the figures are made directly without any sketch. Is there?

  4. Raul Fontanills Says:

    Love the colors and that jaw bone – very cool!

  5. Lance Hayes Says:

    your mark making is so wonderfully sloppy, while being extremely accurate. i find it lyrical. this is the direction i would like to see my mark making go in.

    (for fine art, not tattooing that is)

    please post more often. studio shots, wips, napkin drawings, whatever… please.

  6. Lance Hayes Says:

    i could not restrain myself from the indulgence of a second remark.

    there seems to be an almost blind contour aspect to parts of some of your drawings, and that is what i find seductive. not necessarily in this one per se… except maybe a bit in the pillow. and the feet.

    your drawings showing through the paint, like a skeleton under the skin of a beautiful very thin girl…

  7. Lance Hayes Says:

    i apologize. i thought of a question.

    what are your feelings concerning the archival quality of fine art papers when used with oil paint?

    are you doing some priming? would that be acrylic based, or oil-based priming?

    i have done my share of priming paper, but i don’t really like the look or feel of it after. i prefer the raw paper with the pencil.

  8. Craig Mackay Says:

    Hey Kent! Love the recent work. Hope you’re doing well. Take care!


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