June, 2010

Here’s another progress run of images (very consolidated, but covers from inception to finish) of my painting, Blond Natalia in Studio Arrangement, that will be included in both the Re-Presenting the Nude exhibition in July and Eklektikos, my solo exhibition of new paintings and drawings in September at EVOKE Contemporary in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Finally, I feel like I’m making good progress with the show with several new completed works and a couple of others up and running. Still though, it looks like I’ll be pushing till the day!

Blond Natalia in Studio Arrangement
2010, oil on linen, 44 x 48 in., 112 x 122 cm.

RE-PRESENTING THE NUDE: Group Exhibition curated by John O’Hern
July 2–30, 2010 | Opening reception Friday evening 5 – 8 pm
Private view on Thursday, July 1 | By invitation only

A Solo Exhibition of New Paintings and Drawings
Sept 3–30, 2010 | Opening reception Friday evening 5 – 8 pm
Private view on Thursday, Sept 2 | By invitation only

EVOKE Contemporary
130 Lincoln Avenue, Suite F
Santa Fe, New Mexico 87501

13 Responses to “”

  1. ivan Says:

    Thank you for sharing your progress shots. I try to glean whatever knowledge I can from these 🙂

  2. Lovely!
    Have fun and good show!

    Do you still make sculptures?

  3. Wow Kent, I have to say that, technically speaking, this is one of my favorite paintings you’ve ever done. Each aspect has it’s own way it’s painted, it’s own world. “Natalia” is so crisp, her details, like her hands, are fantastic. I could go on and on about those hands. She’s great.

    The male is on another plane of existence, he seems to be a memory of hers or is in his own world of bliss. So many different dialogues are going on. Relationships are all I think of when I see this.

    I love how this reminds me of theater. The backdrop on the cans, great subtle trick. And the slight self portrait in the window?

    I really wish I could be in Santa Fe for the upcoming show. I saw two pieces of yours in person (for the first time) last May at Evoke, that was a great experience. Congratulations and good luck on getting everything finished in time for the show.

    You’re a great influence and any artist would do very well to look at these pictures. Your process journal in “Swallow 2” was so far beyond what any young painter like me could ask for. Thanks for continuing to do this.

  4. This is excellent kent. Thanks for the insight. After staring at this whole blog i have learned a lot. First of all, I can’t paint! Heh. Seriously though, keep it coming. I love the sketches…

  5. missnina Says:

    Holy damn, it’s like you outdo yourself every time you paint something.

    Love the hands, too. Reminds me of Schiele.

  6. Tony Austin Says:

    Your dexterity, the way you control the paint, how clean and bright you keep the oils; (which is really hard for me), and the kinetics of the subject simply create so much emotion!

    One day I am going to be able to afford one of your original paintings. I am getting close.

  7. Hey Kent,
    How many sessions are your paintings typically? Do you do more alla prima or do you let layers dry? Thanks Man!

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  9. always wondered what you were doing under those paintings. excellent post!

  10. calvin1987 Says:

    Wow. Amazing, I was just reading The Fountain graphic novel and I have to search you. Totally in love with your works. And I’m surprised by the blue tone as 1st layer, seen nothing like this before. Thanks for showing the process and giving me inspiration. 🙂

  11. […] this first one he has all work in progress steps on his blog. Gives some interesting insight I think – especially how well he plans this seeming […]

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