October, 2009

Mother and Daughter, 2009, Oil on linen, 42 x 50 in.

Sorry for the last minute post this month. I’ve been tied up with The Human Eclectic group exhibition I curated at Merry Karnowsky Gallery. If you’re in the Los Angeles area, and you haven’t seen the show yet, get over there! The exhibition runs till November 7th.

So, in lieu of drawings from my sketchbook this month, I’ve decided to show you photos of the progression of my latest larger painting, Mother and Daughter, starting from idea sketch (which I posted last month) to final painting. The work measures 42 x 50 inches and is oil on linen. And if you’re interested, I’m offering this painting as a signed limited edition print at my online store.

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  1. LuisNCT Says:

    Thanks a lot for posting the process! I learn a lot looking at your art

  2. Max Says:

    Kent this is amazing. Thank you for sharing. Could you please continue this practice with future works? It gives me better understanding of your technique.

  3. Scott Says:

    Thanks for this, man. A powerful, powerful piece.

  4. thanks so much – this is really wonderful!

  5. Wonderful.
    I contact painter Ascencios once, and she said that i am insecure about my paintings and drawings, looking at your process fill me with hope.

    As with all artists i like looking at your work, i always think – i can do it …

  6. James Says:

    Thank you Kent for this. I don’t know what to say. I am curious, how do you transfer the drawing to canvas? Do you use a projector or do it freehand? It’s so great to see how you work and very inspiring.

  7. toni Says:

    LOVE seeing the progress through this piece, fantastic! Thank you for posting! Just a few questions that came to mind, do you build up the texture on the canvas with the primer / gesso first? (I could see some texture there before the paint was applied) and what medium / oil do you use with the oil paint, it has such a lovely consistency.
    Really enjoyed watching this painting evolve, and the final piece is stunning 😀

  8. Hi Kent! Wow! Powerful piece and so great to see your process! Fantastic post.

    Do you have an awesome method of transferring your drawing to the large canvas?



  9. andre Says:

    It’s an absolutely generous attitute to share your process with the world. Have no words to thank you.
    Since I first saw your work ages ago with Wolverine Meltdown I could never predict it will be possible one day to ‘peep’ around your studio.
    Besides, lovely painting as always.

  10. Kent, how generous and splendid demonstration!

    Your work is always amazing!

    Thank you.

  11. alexis Says:

    amazing – thanks for your generosity in showing your process. fabulous!! i can’t wait to see these in person one day.

  12. ML Says:

    Thanks for posting this–I always wonder about other artists’ techniques and approaches. I hope you post another stage-by-stage for us; we can learn so much.

  13. Alan Rushing Says:

    Hi Kent,
    I’m so excited about this blog you are doing, its a little more intimate than a portfolio site and its such a treat to get a glimpse into your process. Thank you. I was curious what is the time span on a piece like this? And do you have any ideas about working on a sustained work and maintaining the freshness of the piece? Its not a problem you seem to have at all. Thank you, and happy holidays!

  14. Madeline Says:

    Your work is so inspiring it hurts.

  15. that is really insightful … thanks a lot!

  16. Jesse Bray Says:

    What a gorgeous piece. I love watching the process. As an artist myself though no where near the same league I find your work so inspiring. It has a raw energy which envelopes my psyche and plays games with my perspective. You’re simply a genius Mr. Williams, a genius!.

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