September, 2009





Idea sketch for a new 42″ x 50″ painting. If all goes well with it, it’ll be included in the October group exhibition I’m curating at the Merry Karnowsky Gallery. I’ll be posting more about this show later this month on my studio blog.

7 Responses to “”

  1. me too Says:

    will we get to see the painting in progress as well?

  2. andre Says:

    I though you usually develop your paintings from life model sessions.

  3. al mcluckie Says:

    Hello – have followed your work since it was first published and have enjoyed seeing the evolution . You , and a number of artists like Kanevsky , are guys I think of when I know I should push or eliminate/let go of something in my own work . If you would care to , I would be interested to hear you describe your turning point from your early work – J.Jones inspired surface – to the painterly approach .

    Also enjoyed learning , from your book , that you were/are a Bruce Lee fan , i’ve studied with 6 of his students over the years .

    Best , Al
    If you care to check out my art site , i’d be honored –

  4. mari Says:

    as usual your drawing is so good!!!
    Yes..would be better, if you have your red stamp on….

  5. At Random Too arrived, its not only full of awesome stuff, but its giant! i was expecting something 8 x 11 at most so it was a great surprise. very nice, it makes my eyes very happy.

  6. i really like the layered look of the first one

  7. Scott Says:

    Just curious, what is the white over the yellow paper?

    Thanks for posting all this.

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