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August, 2009




Sorry for the delay! It’s been a very busy three plus weeks; Peter, generally no, I don’t carry white paint with me. The white (and other colors) is usually gouache, applied before on the page or added afterward. I’ve used brush ink markers in the past, but not recently. I’ve done the occasional demo with discussion in university settings, but since I’m currently teaching a couple of classes at Art Center in Pasadena, CA, I get in all the demo/workshop activity I have time for. Jamie, no apprenticeship with anyone in the past, but had a handful of amazing draftsmen as teachers such as Dave Passalacqua, Gerry Contreras (both who studied under Rico LeBrun, and passed so much of his teachings on to their students!), and Barron Storey (who studied under the great Robert Weaver!). A.J., 5″ x 8″ sketchbooks recently. The “drawing on the other side of the page” is on the same side of the page, just painted over and drawn on top of. David, too many variables to go into detail here. Sometimes the drawings are solid enough to transfer them straight to canvas, and other times I’ll do more realized drawings from looser sketches before committing to painting.

One last note, if you haven’t noticed yet, ASFA just published At Random Too, a 24 page black and white catalogue of a handful of my drawings and sketchbook pages (some of the ones you’ve seen here and others). If interested, it’s only $20 and you can order through my online store!