July, 2009



Thanks for the comments everyone! To answer a few of your questions; James, I try to carry a sketchbook everywhere I go, though I don’t always. But certainly when I’m out having coffee or drinks, or if I’m out having dinner alone – And always when I travel. Deocliciano, no plans for a DVD on drawing or painting – Just not my sort of thing. Dave, what you’ve seen so far are from Moleskin sketchbooks. But it seems like they’ve changed their paper stock recently and it doesn’t take some of the ink I use that well. Maybe it’s just temporary, I’m not sure. If not, I may be switching to another brand next. Pablo, playing around with a couple of project ideas, but nothing concrete to report as of yet.

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  1. delicious! i lie in wait for your posts.

  2. James Says:

    Thank you Kent, for answering my question.

  3. Aron Says:

    Hi, a co-worker of mine was having the same problem with his Moleskine that you are but the one I just bought a couple of weeks back is doing great. I don’t know what supplies you are using but the FW ink, Pitt pens, Old Holland W/C & Holbein gouache are what I’m using. By the way this look into your sketch book is very illuminating and very cool, thank you.

  4. Peter Says:

    Do you carry white paint and brush with you? Is that a white ink? Do you carry a brush ink marker? Met you in Raleigh several years back. Will you ever do a workshop? (lots of questions, sorry for that)

  5. jamie Says:

    where you ever apprenticed to anyone earlier in you carrer? sorry not really a question about you sketchbook. i have just sort of fallen into a painting carrer and i am very interested in how people learnt. by the way i have a lot to thank you for. your work in the amalgam book help me believe more in what i was trying to do when i started painting. ‘early spring’ those colours dude! sorry got a bit sappy there.

  6. Hi Kent, The upper sketch I think is terrific. The layout, line work and the bleeding of the white with the drawing have such an energy that I never tire of. It makes me want to draw more! Did you mention how large the sketchbook is? I was wondering how you handle your studio time with your family time. Did/do you let the boys sit in when you are working on a piece? Is it too distracting or do they draw along with you? Did you have that opportunity when you were young? I look forward to more sketchbook postings and hopefully we can see your drawing on the other side of the page. Where it appears the model is wearing a pilot’s helmet. Thanks for sharing!! Amalgam is an awesome book.

  7. David Torres Says:

    Hey wassup Mr. Kent, I am about to be a senior at an art high school this year and i wanted to know if you mind giving me some advice. After looking at your amazing sketches and paintings of those sketches, i notice that there is some sort of a process going on. When you as the artist is making artpieces from your sketchbook what would you say is your general process of doing that? For example is there a certian amount steps you follow before transforming those sketches into larger paintings or do you just make a sketch and then immediatly make a painting of that sketch. Thankyou for your time and your advice would be much appreciated.

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